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What We Offer

Discovery Call 
  • This 15 min. call will allow us to get a glimpse of what your project will entail and how our team can best serve you.

Work Desk
Residential Consultation
  • We will discuss the client's needs through a detailed questionnaire.
  • Color Scheme.
  • We will discuss in detail our design process.
     $100 | 90 minutes
Interior Design Objects
Commercial Consultation
  • We will Discuss the client's needs through a detailed questionnaire.
  • Space Planning.
  • Room Renderings
  • Selection ideas for materials and finishes.
  • Management of the entire process.
$200 | 120 minutes 
Modern Interior Design
*Full-Service Interior Design
  • Space Planning.
  • Design Concept.
  • Room Rendering
  • Sourcing all Furniture, Accessories and Materials.
  • Management of the entire process.
*May vary depending on the scope of work 
$1200 (Residential) per space
$1650 (Commercial) per space




Yellow Armchair
*Interior Redesign
  • This service is for those who already have the core pieces and want a fresh look to their space.
  • ​Design Concept.
  • Space Measurements.
  • ​Sourcing Materials/Textiles.
* May vary depending on the scope of work.
$ 950 (Residential) per space
$1150 (Commercial) per space


Virtual Design 
  • This service gives the client the option to create a custom room at their leisure. All we need from you is photos and measurements of the space.
  • Virtual Consultation.
  • All communication is done via online/phone.
  • Design Concept.
  • 2D Floor Plan.
  • Clickable Shopping Links.
Starting @$650 per space
With our e-designs we provide you with all the essential tools to execute your design.jpg
A la Carte (need something specific)
  • Color Selection & Tile consultation. $250 and up
  • Interior Painting.
    $400 and up
  • *Custom Design or Basic Grid Wall or Wainscoting. $700 and up
  • Light Fixture Installation. $100 and up
  • Wallpaper Installation. $300 and up
  • Window Blinds Installation. $45 per window based on size, location, and height.
  • Materials and Finishes Selection. $250 and up

Color Palette
  • Flooring/Bathroom Tile Selection.
  • Vanity Selection.
  • lighting.
  • Color Palette.
  • Fixture Selection.
  • Styling the Space.
Starting @$3000 and up
  • Cabinetry Selection or painting.
  • Tile, Flooring, Countertop and Backsplash Selection.
  • Lighting.
  • Color Palette.
Starting @$6000 and up

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