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Nicole Lashawn Interiors is an Interior Design studio that offers interior styling for residential and commercial spaces we have been in business since 2018. We offer in person and virtual consultations, redesign services, full-service interior design, room renovations and virtual design(e-design) for the clients that like to DIY (do it yourself), there is an A la Carte service as well. Our design style is Modern Contemporary, but we are fully capable of designing any style room. We will evaluate each space accordingly. Our mission is to capture our clients' design dream and make them a reality. We are dedicated to the design process until the desired look is achieved by providing both personal and cost-effective services. "It's the inside that counts"


Nicole is the Principal Interiors Designer of Nicole Lashawn Interiors LLC. She is a lover of God, family and all things dressed in black decor. Born in Richmond Virginia but grew up in West Philadelphia. There is when she first discovered her love for styling and decorating, she would paint, wallpaper, and rearrange her bedroom furniture all the time. As a pre-teen she returned to Virginia to complete school and continued to college for Dental Laboratory Technology finishing with an associate degree. After spending 15 years working in the Dental Industry, she decided that it was not late to live her childhood dream and went back to school to become an Interior Designer. She has now been working in the industry for over 4 years and has become the go-to person for all things decor amongst her friends and family. 


Nicole keeps her knowledge of the industry fresh by attending Interior Design business coaching courses and is under the leadership and mentoring of the top performing industry professionals.

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